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Himalayan University always recognizes the significance of strong Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) culture, permeating entire research and academic community. The University has created an ecosystem to protect intellectual property rights of its academic community, to encourage researchers in the context of monetary incentives and academic community to create quality publications and discover innovative solutions.

According to the context of innovations and innovation culture, norms are changing at the national policy level. National Innovation and Startup Policy 2019 for Students and Faculty as well as with the contours of new Science, Technology and Innovation Policy, taking shape under the aegis of DST. Therefore, imperative for the University to revamp its policy on Intellectual Property Rights to sync with major policy changes with the changing time and paradigm.

Objective of Intellectual Property Rights

  • Protecting Intellectual Property Rights generated by faculty, students, and staff of the University, by translating their creative and innovative work into IP rights.
  • Formulating a fair and transparent administrative process for ownership control and assignment of IP rights and sharing of revenues generated by IP, created and owned by the University.
  • Through fair IP ownership and IP licensing promoting collaboration between academia and industry.
  • Through robust structure, balanced IP management approach and an ethical environment, encouraging creativity and innovation in the domains of technology, sciences, and humanities.
  • To create a better eco-system for innovation and entrepreneurship.