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Ph.D Courses

Ph.D is a research degree courses based on the thesis work. Doctor of Philosophy is a high level of recognized and authorative degree program being offered by top universities in India. Ph.D is not only to get higher level jobs with severe roles and responsibilities with high peak salary but also gives you a status of Doctorate. Ph.D is one of the most reputed and high demanded degree programs usually enroll by the students who need deep exercises on dissertation. Subjects, the mode of thesis, research area all are depend upon student's past academic records. Today, almost every university in India, including Himalayan University as accredited by State government and UGC Act 1956 offers Ph.D courses in varied field of study

Just similar to MS by research, here too students can choose courses in first two sem. on the basis of their interest and past master subjects. After passing with knowledge and learning test as a part of entrance exam by the students, can carry with dissertation program with research and testing program. With this test, students are examined whether they are position to get with these research programs or not. After knowledge test, each candidate is handed over with respective study material and courses curriculum and also appoint a supervisor by the Himalayan university that assist their students on varied stages of Phd courses.

Ph.D Research Programmes from Himalayan University

In India, there are several top universities where you will find varied courses in research. Among of which Himalayan University as one of the emerging education segment of India, brings you with Ph.D in India where students can pursue their research work under top education environment. Students with Himalayan University facilitates with all types of education amenities of international standard.

Himalayan University assists its candidates to search out their intended area of study under which they want to carry research work. We make you familiar with relevant department and supervisor before commencing with Ph.D work. We need you to have strong academic background and should have goal to pursue Ph.D degree for a minimum of three years. We comprised of long team of supervisors and research experts of varied streams that assist students in getting their research work. For more details and Ph.D application you can call at our helpline numbers.

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