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Welcome to Himalayan University a center of credible education that dedicatedly stated with researchers and doctorates. Himalayan University offers top rated graduate and post graduate programs in all major disciplines. Being as part of educated world; Himalayan University manages to explore unique and dynamic way of providing higher education in order to meet the craving needs of today's professionalism. As a world moves to glamorous outfit; Himalayan University too adopts modernize way of imparting education in all relative fields of learning ranging from medical to commerce, arts to media, architecture to film and many more. All these varied facets of academic would help our students to choose as best of their interest and past academic records.

Himalayan University brings their students with top experienced faculties coming from branded companies and education centers who are well versed with advance level of corporate behaviors, highly educated and skilled professionals who know how to resolve student's issues with the best. Here, we comprise of separate team of faculties of all degree programs including BSc, MSc, B.tech, B.Com, M.Tech, Media, Hospitality, Engineering, Retail, Medical, Nursing, IT, Architecture and many more where students can enrich while enhancing their internal skills and advance level of education where they can prepare themselves as per the rules of corporate world.

Education with high degree of excellence, wide selection of degree programs, complete assistance during P.hd and M.tech, dedicated faculties, latest course curriculum, detail study material, notification of updates at regular interval of time are some of the characteristics of Himalayan University academics. HU is well fitted with all types of modern education facilities of international level. Students from any theme and from any part of the globe can put step forward to Himalayan University where they can expect more than their career desires and study needs. Students with Ph.d and M.tech accompanied by well versed and highly experienced supervisors those who can assist their students with best thesis guidelines in order to get them pass with their relative research programs.

Apart from courses and degree programs; HU too constitutes of world class training and internship programs where Himalayan University have several worthy tie-ups with top branded companies including MCSCX and many more firms of IT, finance, banking, media, real estate, retail and many more. Students after completing their higher education from Himalayan University can expect top rated training and placement sessions. Thus, let your academic grow and bright your career with Himalayan University - a way to nurtureful education.