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While grabbing the utmost level of potential market; it is very important and essential to measure the standard of quality and standard. For every service provider; it is being necessary to have best with their goods and services in order to attract the target audience. Thus, here Himalayan University mention disclaimer about its services and products that it offer in the form of higher education. These standards would make our students ensure in respect our quality and the level of imparting high education.

Here, below we bring you with himalayan university disclaimer that depicts the responsibilities and privacy policies while serving the students with quality education.
  • Himalayan University ensures to offer best, advance and quality education.
  • Himalayan University's website comprises of unique and nurture information that is not subjected for any promotion.
  • Himalayan University website is not responsible in case any of the third party harm by using our content or online information.
  • We are not responsible; if Himalayan University short comes while come over with students needs.
  • Students, candidates and other agents who avail services from our education center or online education portal; are liable to clear with their debts.
  • Himalayan University reserves all the rights and powers to edit its website content and other relative online data and facts anytime without informing its register users, account holders and subscriber.
  • Register account holders, candidates and online students can contact at mentioned addresses.